Soil Stabilization

Let Sunbelt handle the soil stabilization components of your next project. Whether you need to create a safe usable driveway for equipment to come and go from the site, stabilization of building pads prior to pouring foundations or slabs, processing and stabilization of the sub-base for a parking lot, or all three, Sunbelt has the expertise to make your project a success. Proper soil stabilization will improve the service life for most projects and lower the long-term costs.


Soil stabilization can use on-site natural materials, chemical agents, biological compounds, or a combination thereof to create the load bearing properties necessary for your project. Regardless of the method, the purpose of soil stabilization is to get the soil on your job site to the engineering specifications needed.

Our stabilization methods include onsite materials processing, lime stabilization, soil cement and newer “green” technologies using enzymes, surfactant or polymers to achieve the stability required through binding or realignment of the soil materials.

When possible, the re-use and processing of the local material can limit the amount of hauling and sourcing which can not only reduce time and cost, but also reduce the impact of the project on the environment.

Project Sizes

Sunbelt has long been known for its commitment to working with its clients on projects of all sizes. Our use of in-house employees and owned equipment provides the efficiencies that allow us to work on projects as small as 1000 yards. From there, our capacity can be expanded to take on any project.

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