Asphalt Plant

Asphalt Plant

For asphalt pricing and availability, please call 770-685-0455.

At our state-of-the-art drum mix asphalt plant, we produce a variety of high quality hot mix asphalt products. The high-tech process-control system allows us to tweak standard mixes to meet each customer’s individual asphalt project requirements. Our plant is GDOT approved and the onsite testing lab ensures that the quality meets or exceeds the required standards.

The concept of “neat and clean” is not something you typically hear associated with “asphalt plant” or paving in general.  We believe that our commitment to keeping our plant area in tiptop shape improves our accuracy and efficiency as well as our ability to deliver asphalt when you need it. 

Plenty of Capacity

We are a medium sized plant, so we have the capacity for most DOT and commercial projects in our operating area. Though we use a portion of that capacity for our own projects, our goal is to provide our paving company clients with quality asphalt products at competitive prices. 

Environmentally Responsible

We also try to be as environmentally friendly as is practicable, using recycled material as much we can. To that end, we accept reclaimed asphalt, RAP, at our facility at no charge. See our Materials Recycling page for more information.