Pavement Milling

Sunbelt can handle a variety of pavement milling jobs for roadways (DOT), as well as commercial and industrial paved areas. Our equipment can be used to adjust grade and elevation to meet the engineering requirement of the new surface. Please contact us with your project specifications in order to obtain a quote on our milling services.

Milling Process

Pavement milling (also known as cold planing, asphalt milling, or profiling) is the process of removing a portion of the depth, or all, of a paved surface, with the depth removed being determined by the type of repaving intended after the milling.
Rather than simply repaving over the existing surface, milling a paved area, without disturbing the underlying sub-base, allows for the subsequent repaving of the surface without raising the height of the pavement. This allows the pavement to remain even with already installed concrete curbs, manholes and drain systems.

Milling also allows for the milled pavement to be removed from the work site and recycled into new asphalt pavement.


Sunbelt Asphalt owns milling machines with 4 foot and 7 foot widths which are used based on the project type and budgetary need needs of the pavement milling job. Our machines are equipped with conveyor systems to efficiently remove the recycled asphalt pavement to waiting hauling trucks for removal from the job site and recycling back at our plant.  

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